Top 10 Black Mamba Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 02 Jul, 2018

The world over, snakes are generally seen as dangerous animals that are to be avoided at all costs. This is despite the fact that most of them are harmless to us. The reputation has not been earned for no good reason though. Alongside the many species that are harmless to us, there are those that can pose a real danger. Some possess a size and power that can literally squeeze the life out of us. Others possess a venom that can cause a pain that cannot be put into words. While these venoms may be extremely unpleasant to us, they are not usually a serious threat to our lives. Some venoms, however, mean death is almost a certainty should we be bitten.

The black mamba is a species feared throughout its homeland of Africa, and for good reason. It possesses venom so potent that few survive a bite. It is responsible for thousands of deaths on the African continent every year. Not only is its venom potent, it is also fast-acting and help is usually too far away. It is also aggressive, and fast, increasing the likelihood it will deliver a deadly bite.

As dangerous as they are, black mambas are also very interesting creatures and are associated with some very interesting facts.

Black Mamba Fact #10: Very Fast

Speed can be a very valuable asset in the wild. It can help animals to catch their prey. It can also help them to avoid being prey themselves. Many species use speed as their main weapon in their fight for survival, and some have become very good at it indeed. Some animals such as the Cheetah and the peregrine falcon are masters at achieving high velocities, but not all animals are cut out for it.

Without legs, wings or fins to help propel them, snakes are not really cut out to be speed demons. That doesn’t mean that they are all slow, though, and one in particular can be very fast indeed. The black mamba is thought to be the fastest species of snake on the planet, and can reach speeds in excess of 12 mph. This is around the same speed a healthy adult human can reach. If you are not in reasonable shape yourself, there may be no getting away from a black mamba.

Black Mamba

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