Top 10 Black Bear Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 26 Feb, 2018

In addition to its vast concrete jungles, tower blocks and industrial buildings, America is also a land where visitors can get close to nature. Get away from the cities and you will find vast areas of stunning natural beauty in the enormous national parks have been formed to help protect the flora and fauna that lives there. This allows for some incredible wildlife to thrive in certain parts of the country, with one example being the beautiful black bear. The black bear can be found throughout America and lives in healthy numbers.

Living largely on whatever vegetation it can find, the black bear is still a fearsome predator and can take down large prey if needed. It is not quite as large as the grizzly bear, America’s largest bear, but is still a very impressive animal in its own right. Black bears are among the most commonly hunted big game animal in America and hunting of them is allowed during a specified season. Despite the hunting, the black bears’ numbers are steady and they do not appear to be in danger as a species.

This magnificent beast is just fascinating to watch, and they have also shown that they are an intelligent animal with some amazing facts about them.

Black Bear Fact #10: Powerful Animals

Although they are not as large and powerful as some other bears, the black bear is still a beast that is to be respected. American black bears tend to vary in weight and height according to where they are located, with those in the West generally weighing less than those in the East. Figures can also vary according to seasons, depending on whether they have just come out of hibernation or are preparing to go into hibernation. Generally speaking, an adult female black bear will weigh around 90 to 375 pounds, and an adult male around 125 to 550 pounds.

There have been some particularly large individuals discovered over the last century. In 1921, a black bear was shot after allegedly killing cattle, weighing 899lb. Larger still, and the largest on record, was a male that was shot in 1972 in New Brunswick. This beast was nearly eight feet long and weighed around 1,100 pounds.

Black Bear

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