Top 10 Bengal Cat Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 23 Feb, 2018

Bengal Cat Fact #9: Water Lovers

Most of the time, we would not usually even consider bringing water anywhere near our cats. A lot of cats detest water and will do all that they can to keep clear of it. Simply turning on a tap can be enough to have your cat scampering for cover and only the bravest of us will dare try and force them near it. Despite their well-deserved reputation of hating water so much, some cats break the mold.

The Bengal cat is not only tolerant of water, it positively loves it. While turning on a tap may have many cats running in the opposite direction, you may find the Bengal running toward the source. Were you hoping to bath or shower alone? You may be out of luck if you have a Bengal cat as there’s a good chance they’ll want to join you. It certainly makes things a lot easier should they be in need of a bath themselves.

Bengal Cat

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