Top 10 Bengal Cat Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 23 Feb, 2018

Very few people will deny that cats are magnificent creatures to look at. While house cats mainly remain the athletic and graceful creatures they derived from, it is the wild cats that are generally the most pleasing on the eye. However, despite their good looks, wild cats do not make good pets. Armed with fearsome teeth and claws and a tendency to use them, they are not good to have around the home. While domestic cats are still armed with such weaponry, they generally have no inclination to use them making them a suitable pet. Through selective breeding, it is possible to introduce the docile nature of domesticated cats to wild species.

The Bengal cat is the product of taking the stunningly beautiful Asian leopard cat and breeding it with domestic breeds. The breeders have managed to encapsulate the natural beauty of the Asian leopard cat yet make it docile so that it is a good pet to have around the home. Its wild instincts have not been completely suppressed, however, making for a cat that has an outgoing personality that their owners love.

The Bengal cat is a beautiful breed of cat that is seeing an increase in popularity across the planet. They are as fascinating as they are beautiful, and come associated with some delightful facts.

Bengal Cat Fact #10: Bengal Cats are Hybrids

Wild cats are usually stunning beautiful animals. Their slender, yet muscular bodies are pleasing to the eye, and their often-mysterious nature keeps us fascinated. There is a catch though. As beautiful as the animals may be, they are usually very wild in nature. Try to befriend one and you might find yourself in for a world of pain as they stick their sharp claws and fangs in you. Their wild nature usually means that it is best to admire from a safe distance in their natural environment but there is one solution that helps give us the best of both worlds.

By breeding wild cats with domestic cats, we can create a breed that is wild in appearance yet domestic by nature. This is exactly what has been done to create the Bengal Cat. Asian leopard cats have been bred with domestic cats and the result is the beautiful, yet friendly, Bengal cat. Not only are they stunning to look at, they are also great to have around the home.

Bengal Cat

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