Top 10 Ball Python Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 17 Jun, 2018

When we think of snakes, we often think of enormously long creatures that are the stuff of nightmares. Tales of being attacked by giant monsters are enough to even put the fear into grown men, even smaller snakes can terrify some people. Although some snakes deserve their fearsome reputation as being aggressive and potentially deadly, many others are far less deserving. A lot of snakes are really quite harmless, and some can even become quite tame.

The ball python is one such species known for its tameness, and it has no problem being handled by people. They have made popular pets around the world with relative novices and experts alike. At a respectable 5 feet long, they don’t reach the gigantic lengths other pythons do. They also come in beautiful colors and with markings that help increase the demand for them as pets.

If you are considering taking on a python as a pet, then a ball python is probably the best option for beginners. As well as being fairly easy to take care of, they are also very interesting animals. With such an interesting animal, you will also find lots of interesting facts.

Ball Python Fact #10: Live Long Lives

Pets don’t usually live as long as we do. This means there will inevitably be the sad day when they pass away, and in many cases their lives can be short as just a couple of years. Reptiles, however, live for quite a long time, and the ball python is no exception. In captivity, they can live for as long as 50 years, so you know they’re going to be around for quite a while.

The average lifespan for ball pythons outside captivity is quite a bit less at around 30 years, although this is still a long time for a pet to be around. In the wild, disease, predation and other factors mean they are not likely to live nearly as long as those in captivity.

To help ensure your ball python will be with you for as long as possible, it is important to ensure they are well taken care of and have all that they need.

Ball Python

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