Top 10 Australian Animals

Author By: Jamie Finch on 12 May, 2018

Australian Animal #9: Koala

Widely considered to be among the cutest of animals on the planet, the koala is only found in Australia. Here, they live in the eucalyptus trees where they will gently graze on their favourite food. The eucalyptus leaves that they feed on are low in nutritional value, as well as toxic. This means that they are able to get little energy from their food, hence their slow way of life. As residents of Australia, they have adapted very well to the heat and do not need to drink water often.

The koala’s cuteness is something that has caused them to be hunted in large numbers. People from all over the world wanted the soft, cuddly fur, and the koala suffered as a result. They are now protected, and their numbers have stabilised. Despite protection, they are still at risk from habitat loss and are currently listed as a vulnerable species.

Australian Animals

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