Top 10 Anaconda Facts

Author By: Jamie Finch on 07 Feb, 2018

The rivers and swamps of the Amazon are home to a monster so large it could come from a work of fiction. Able to take down a man with ease, yet very difficult to spot, it is the kind of beast that puts fear into even the bravest of explorers. It isn’t fiction though, this beast is very real and is known as the anaconda.

One of the largest snakes on the planet the anaconda is commonly found in the Amazon. The vast swamps and marshlands are a perfect habitat for such a large reptile as there is an abundance of food. The abundant food supply has enabled them to grow extremely large, so large that some people may not believe the stories about them.

The good news for most of us is that they live in a far away place, that we are unlikely to visit. The closest we will likely ever get to one will be at a zoo, protected by a sheet of thick glass.

It is inevitable that such an animal will be surrounded in myth and mystery. It is also surrounded by some amazing facts.

Anaconda Fact #10: Giants

The anaconda is big, very big. The largest anaconda ever caught measured an incredible 38 feet long. They’re not the longest snake in the world, though, with the reticulated python boasting that title. Anacondas tend to have a greater girth than the reticulated python, however, which helps make them the heaviest snake in the world. The heaviest anaconda ever caught was estimated to weigh a hefty 250kgs, making them a creature that strikes fear into the hearts of many.

The combination of length and weight means anacondas are generally considered to be the ‘largest’ snake on the planet. Some people are not deterred by this and seem to be quite happy walking around in their marshy habitat looking for them, and even trying to pick them up. Those people really know what they are doing, though, and it’s something best left to the experts. If you would like to see one, it may be best to go to a zoo.


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