Top 10 African Animals

Author By: Jamie Finch on 09 May, 2018

African Animal #9: Elephant

The mighty African bush elephant is the largest extant land animal on the planet. They can reach around 13 feet high at the shoulder and weigh in at just over 11 short tons. They are found throughout the plains of Africa feeding on vegetation such as grasses and foliage from trees. There is also the African forest elephant which is smaller than the African bush elephant and is found in the forested areas of Africa.

The African elephant has come under great threat from mankind’s influence on Earth, mostly down to the trade in their ivory. Despite protections now in place for the species, poaching still occurs because ivory can fetch high prices on the black market. Such is the impact of ivory hunting on African elephants that they are evolving to not grow their characteristic tusks. The African bush elephant is currently listed as a vulnerable species.

African Animals

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