Why Do I Bruise So Easily?

By james
May 6, 2020
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It is almost impossible for us to avoid picking up injuries, although the vast majority will be quite minor. They can be painful but, usually, we will recover quite quickly from them. This includes internal damage, and this type of damage can lead to internal bleeding, and this can lead to bruising.

Bruising in itself is not usually a problem and bruises will clear up before long. They can look unsightly, though, and they can be quite tender to the touch. Some people will also find that they bruise more easily than other people do, and there are various reasons as to why this might be.

1. Vitamin Deficiencies

It is essential that we get the full range of vitamins and minerals in our diets. This is because they help to ensure the proper functioning of all our bodily systems and they help to keep us free from disease. Getting the vitamins that you need means having a varied diet, including plenty of fruit and vegetables. One of the most important of all vitamins is vitamin C because it helps to keep our immune system strong. If we dont get enough vitamin C then we can develop scurvy and this is a condition that can cause us to bleed easily. We also need plenty of vitamin K because it helps our blood to clot.

Bruise So Easily

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