What Is Werner Syndrome?

By james
Sep 9, 2020
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Preventing ageing is one of the holy grails of science, but we are still far from a solution. Modern medicine does help us to live for longer, however, and also more healthily. We can even slow down the appearance of ageing if we take good care of our bodies. From some people, however, ageing is something that will happen sooner rather than later.

Werner syndrome is a condition that causes people to age considerably faster than they otherwise would. It can cause people to appear to be old even when they are still in their 30s. It can also cause other symptoms that can affect the patient’s quality of life, and their life expectancy will be lower than normal.

1. Werner Syndrome

Werner syndrome, which also known as progeria, is thankfully a very rare condition. Its main characteristic is that it causes people to age prematurely in appearance and in other ways. It can also cause a number of other unwelcome conditions, some of which can be very dangerous.

The symptoms of Werner syndrome will usually start to show in the patient’s teenage years, triggering when the patient begins puberty. Some of the more advanced symptoms of the disease will tend to develop when the patient is in their 30s. People with the condition will have a life expectancy of around 45 to 55 years old.

Werner Syndrome

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