What Is Papilloma?

By james
Jul 13, 2020
Medical Expert Medical Expert

Our bodies are prone to developing lumps and bumps as we get older. This is very normal and is very rarely anything to worry about. Among the most common of these lumps and bumps are papillomas, which are small growths that develop on the skin.

There are various potential causes of papillomas, and these underlying causes are usually harmless, while the papillomas themselves are also usually harmless to us. A lot of people will choose to have them removed regardless of health concerns and this is usually very easy to do.

1. What Is A Papilloma?

Papillomas are small growths that are found on the body. They can be found pretty much anywhere on the skin and can also grow inside some orifices. In some cases, they can even be found internally such as int the digestive system. Papillomas are actually quite common, and are often referred to as verrucae or warts.

While they are common, and there is a good chance you will develop at least one at some point, they are thankfully usually harmless. They will also remain localized and not spread to other parts of the body, although some people will develop more than one papilloma.


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