What Is Leptospirosis?

By james
Aug 27, 2020
Medical Expert Medical Expert

Bacteria are everywhere, and they are often considered to be the most successful form of life on the planet. It is often located on the surfaces where you prepare your food so it is important to be as hygienic as possible. Bacteria can also be spread by other animals so, again, it is a good idea to take precautions where practical.

It is not possible to be completely safe, however, and it is inevitable that infections will arise from time to time. Infections can range from being barely noticeable, to being something that is a direct threat to our lives.

1. Leptospira

Leptospira interrogans is a bacterium which is found in some animals including domestic pets. It is, however, very rare so there is little chance of people catching it on an individual level. An infection causes a disease known as leptospira, and the disease is, thankfully, usually not dangerous.

Leptospira interrogans is found mainly in developing countries. This is partly because domesticated animals are less likely to have been vaccinated against the disease. It can also be because hygiene standards tend to be lower in developing countries. Regardless of the location, there are numerous ways that the disease can be contracted.


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