What Is HELLP Syndrome?

By james
May 23, 2020
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HELLP syndrome is a rare but potentially dangerous condition that affects pregnant women. It tends to occur after childbirth or later in the pregnancy, and the condition is closely associated with preeclampsia. It was first named in 1982 by the doctor who described the condition, Dr. Louis Weinstein.

The name HELLP is an acronym taken from the main characteristics of the condition. These are Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes, and a Low Platelet count. Treatment for the condition is available, but treatment should be found as soon as possible because the condition is potentially dangerous to both the mother and the child.

1. Hemolysis

Our blood cells are essential to us because as they act as miniature transportation trucks that supply the rest of the body with oxygen from our lungs and nutrition from our digestive system. Red blood cells are made in our body and they have a life span of approximately four months. When our blood cells come to the end of their lives, they are broken down by our bodies in a process known as hemolysis. People with HELLP syndrome can find that their red blood cells are broken down too quickly and too soon. This leaves them with not enough red blood cells, and this can lead to anemia.

HELLP Syndrome

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