What Is Blue Baby Syndrome?

By becky
Jul 31, 2020
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2. Symptoms

Regardless of the cause of blue baby syndrome, the most distinctive symptom is the discoloration of the skin, which is called cyanosis. This occurs when the underlying tissues do not receive a good supply of red, oxygenated blood. Sometimes cyanosis is only observable in areas where the skin is very thin. These include the area around the mouth, including the lips, and the tips of the fingers and toes, especially under the fingernails.

Additional symptoms of blue baby syndrome caused by either heart defects or methemoglobinemia include lethargy and difficulty breathing. Feeding issues may lead to an inability to gain weight, and symptoms of diarrhea or vomiting may also be present. A baby with a congenital heart defect may exhibit a rapid heartbeat and a rounded appearance of the tips of the fingers and toes called clubbing. Methemoglobinemia may cause seizures or loss of consciousness.

Blue Baby Syndrome

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