What Is a Ganglion cyst?

By james
Jul 6, 2020
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Cysts are fairly common conditions that can turn up for no apparent reason most of the time. They are usually harmless, even though some can cause some discomfort depending on where they are located. They can be unsightly, however, and a lot of people will choose to have one removed for aesthetic reasons.

A ganglion cyst is a specific type of cyst that appears close to our body’s joints and tendons. As with other types of cyst, ganglion cysts are harmless, and they can often be left just where they are. They may need to be removed in some cases, though, and the procedure to do so is fairly straightforward.

1. Synovial Fluid

Any vehicle mechanic will be able to tell you that parts should be lubricated when they meet with other moving parts. This is to help ensure that the different parts are well lubricated so they can move freely. It also helps to reduce wear and tear and prevent other damage.

The body is also made of different moving parts, and these parts also need lubrication where the meet other moving parts (the joints). In the human body, this lubrication is provided with help from synovial fluid. It is a jelly like substance that is found in our joints and it helps to make sure everything can move smoothly, while also helping to prevent damage.

Ganglion Cyst

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