What Is a Belly Button Infection?

By becky
Jul 31, 2020
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2. Do All Belly Buttons Look the Same?

Every person’s belly button is uniquely shaped. It can be shallow or protruding, horizontal or vertical, round or oval, symmetrical or off-center. The way your belly button looks is a result of your genes, not the technique of the doctor who snipped your umbilical cord. And contrary to some social media posts, the shape of a person’s belly button is completely unrelated to personality characteristics.

Some people have no noticeable belly button, just a slight indentation. This condition is sometimes caused by having surgery shortly after birth to correct gastroschisis, a condition in which the intestines stick through a hole in the baby’s abdomen. Some claim that “lotus birth,” a tradition in which the umbilical cord is not cut but is rather allowed to fall off naturally, results in a greatly diminished or absent belly button.

Belly Button Infection

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