What Are the Signs of Lupus?

By amara
Jun 28, 2020
Medical Expert Medical Expert

3. Abnormal Urine

The urine of people with lupus can look red, pink, or brown and can have a frothy texture. The color change occurs due to blood in the urine, or hematuria, which can occur when inflammation causes the glomeruli, or vessels of the kidneys, to narrow. Immune cells can attack the glomeruli themselves and cause scarring, which further allows blood to enter the urine. Similarly, in a condition known as proteinuria, the vessels allow too much protein to be excreted and cause the urine to look foamy.

Other less obvious Signs that the kidneys are under attack are high blood pressure and fluid retention around the ankles and waist. Sometimes people feel excessively thirsty or hungry or have to urinate frequently. Doctors can inspect urine under a microscope for the presence of cell casts, which are tiny pieces of blood or kidney cells, or macromolecules of protein and fat. Tests of glomerular filtration rate are sometimes performed, or in extreme cases, a piece of the kidney can be biopsied.


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