10 Tourette's Symptoms

By james
Aug 10, 2019
Medical Expert Medical Expert

The human brain is the most advanced organ that we know of in the universe. Its complexity is something that we have only just touched the surface of in terms of understanding. As is normal for something so complex, though, there is a lot that can go wrong.

Tourette’s syndrome is a disorder that causes people to make sudden and erratic actions. These can be physical, such as twitching and unusual movements. It can also mean speaking erratically and making unusual sounds.

The symptoms tend to get worse whenever the patient is under stress, and they will have no control of the actions. Below are 10 symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome.

Symptom #1: Jerky Movements

People tend not to make sudden movements without a good reason. Instead, we tend to move quite smoothly, only moving suddenly when we need to react to something. Certain illnesses, though, can cause us to become quite erratic in our movements. One of these illnesses is Tourette’s.

People with the condition are prone to making jerky body movements out of the blue. This will often be with their heads but can be any other part of the body. It can also include frequent blinking, and the eyes can dart from one side to the other. It is completely involuntary and they have little to no control over these actions.


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