10 Symptoms of Syphilis

By james
Aug 29, 2018
Medical Expert Medical Expert

Sex is one of the most natural acts that any person can take part in. It is enjoyable, reduces stress and can help to strengthen bonds between partners. For all its positives, though, sex is not without its risks. Sexually transmitted diseases are quite common, with syphilis among the best known.

Syphilis is caused by the Treponema pallidum bacteria and is contracted through unprotected intercourse with people already infected by the disease. It is highly contagious, and symptoms can range from being uncomfortable, to potentially life-threatening. It can be cured, though, and anybody showing associated symptoms should seek medical treatment as soon as they are able to.

Symptom #1: Chancres

Sores can develop on our bodies for a wide range of reasons. They can be benign and perhaps a result of a minor injury, but sometimes they are an indicator of an underlying problem. Sores or ulcers can also be a symptom that you have contracted syphilis.

The initial ulcers associated with syphilis are known medically as chancres. They usually appear at the point where the bacteria gained entry to the body. They are completely painless and will often go unnoticed, particularly when they are located internally. Chancres are extremely contagious, so the chances of catching syphilis are high after having sex with somebody with a chancre.


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