Symptoms of Osteopenia

By james
Jul 28, 2020
Medical Expert Medical Expert

When we think of keeping in good shape, we tend to think of keeping our heart and lungs healthy and maintaining muscle strength. What a lot of people seem to overlook is the importance of keeping our skeletons in good health as well.

They are often taken for granted, but we will soon know when something goes wrong with them. One condition we might suffer is osteopenia, which tends to occur in people as they get older. Osteopenia tends not to cause many problems in itself. It should still be addressed though because it can develop into something more problematic otherwise.

1. What Is Osteopenia?

Our bones are made from materials that are strong enough to support our body weight, and all the other forces we place on them. Our bones tend to get stronger as we age, until we reach about 30-35 years old. After that, their strength begins to gradually decline again.

This decline in strength is not usually a problem and most people won’t have significant problems. It can, however, lead to osteopenia. This is a condition where your bones have become weaker due to a loss of bone mass. This occurs as there is less calcium in your bones, which also makes them more brittle.


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