10 Signs of Menopause

By james
May 17, 2019
Medical Expert Medical Expert

As we get older, our bodies begin to slow down. For women, there comes a time when having babies is no longer practical and their reproductive functions will come to a close. Their menstrual cycles will begin to grind to a halt and their hormonal levels will also be affected.

This process is known as the menopause and in the vast majority of women will usually occur between the ages of 45 and 55. It is likely to have a significant impact on their sex lives while they are also likely to experience a range of other symptoms.

Here’s a look at some of the symptoms women are likely to experience when they undergo the menopause.

Menopause Sign #1: Mood Swings

Our mood is determined largely by the hormones in our body, among other things. They are naturally occurring chemicals that help control many functions in our bodies, including how we are feeling. If these chemicals are thrown out of balance, then we can experience some pretty drastic mood swings.

The menopause sees quite a considerable change in a woman’s hormonal balance. This can lead to mood swings that can be quite severe making a woman feel sad, anxious, and rather irritable. Some people choose to use medications to help lessen the severity of the symptoms.


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