10 Signs of Being Diabetic

By james
Reviewed: Dr. Mera
Jan 2, 2020
Medical Expert Medical Expert

Sugar has a bad name when it comes to healthy living diets, but it is still very important for us. Glucose is our main source of energy and it is actually very good for us, provided we don’t have too much of it. It is refined sugar that is particularly bad, with natural sugars being much more kind to our health overall.

For the body to use sugar, it first needs to be processed with help from a hormone known as insulin. Some people are unable to produce this hormone in sufficient quantities, or have a resistance to its effects on the body.

This is a condition known as diabetes, and it can have a profound effect on a person’s life. Here’s a look at some of the most common symptoms.

Sign #1: Urinary Frequency

Normally, we reabsorb all the glucose in our kidneys, meaning that we shouldn’t have glucose in our urine.

In patients with diabetes, the kidney becomes overwhelmed by the excess amount of glucose. Therefore, glucose goes into the urine and water goes with it. The result is an increased urine output, also called polyuria. Patients will have to urinate more often due to the increased volume.


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