10 Neutropenic Precautions

By james
Oct 24, 2018
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Our immune system boasts an impressive array of defenses against infection and disease. Whenever a harmful bacteria or virus gets into our bodies, our defenses spring into action and set about combating the threat. It is alert to threats 24/7 and is effective against a huge number of potential dangers.

At the heart of this defense system are neutrophils, a type of white blood cell that helps combat bacteria directly. Some people do not produce enough of these white blood cells, meaning that their immune system is not able to fight disease as well as other people can. This is a condition known as neutropenia and people that have this condition need to be extra careful to prevent infections from bacteria.

Neutropenic Precaution #1: Brush Regularly

As we eat throughout the day, our teeth become coated with all sorts of substances that bacteria will thrive on. Teeth that are not kept clean will become covered in plaque, which is a haven for the bacteria causing tooth decay. Brushing regularly will help prevent the buildup of plaque, protecting the teeth against decay.

If you are neutropenic, regular brushing has other benefits in addition to saving your teeth. Regular brushing will help reduce bacteria in the mouth and not just bacteria found in plaque. With fewer bacteria in the mouth, there’s a lower chance of cuts and scratches in the mouth becoming infected.

Neutropenic Precautions

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