10 Mild Stroke Symptoms

By james
Jul 15, 2019
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The brain needs a constant supply of fresh blood and is the most demanding organ in our body. If it doesn’t get the constant supply that it needs then things can start to go very wrong, very quickly. A mild stroke is a brief interruption of the blood supply and this can cause various symptoms.

The symptoms of a full stroke and a mild stroke are very similar, the main difference is that the symptoms of a mild stroke will not last as long.

A mild stroke should still be taken very seriously, though, and if you suspect somebody has suffered from a mild stroke then you should make sure they get emergency medical assistance. Below are 10 symptoms of a mild stroke to be aware of.

Symptom #1: Speaking Difficulties

Speech might appear to come to us effortlessly, but it is in fact a very complex process. It requires the ability to understand the conversation, the ability to find the right words, and then the ability to move our muscles in a precise way to make the right sounds in order to say those words.

While it is something we tend to take for granted, speaking can become very difficult for us under some circumstances. In cases of a mild stroke, our brain will be struggling to operate as well as it should and this affects our ability to speak.

Mild Stroke

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