10 Symptoms of Hypoxia

By james
Jun 11, 2019
Medical Expert Medical Expert

Our bodies need oxygen. We need it 24/7, and our lungs and hearts are constantly working to make sure we have the constant supply of oxygen that we need. It is a process that we don’t usually notice, but it can become very noticeable indeed when something goes wrong.

Hypoxia is the medical name given to the body not being fed the oxygen it needs. Hypoxia occurs due to a variety of causes and can range in severity considerably. It can be fatal, so anybody showing signs of the condition should be sought immediate medical assistance.

Here are 10 the common symptoms of hypoxia.

Symptom #1: Rapid Breathing

The cycle of breathing in and out helps to keep our bodies well oxygenated. How much oxygen we take in over any period of time relies on two things: how deeply we breathe and how quickly we breathe. If we breathe faster than usual, then we will be taking in more oxygen than we usually would. This is often experienced when we have been exercising.

If the body is short of oxygen, one way to try and overcome this is to increase the rate at which we breathe. This will hopefully get more oxygen into the system, meeting the increase in demand. Unfortunately, though, depending on the cause, this does not always remedy the problem.


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