10 Hormone Imbalance Symptoms

By james
Jul 18, 2019
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Hormones are chemicals produced by the body that help to regulate how our bodies function. They help to regulate pretty much anything from our energy levels to our digestive system and even to how we feel. If the levels of hormones in our bodies are thrown out of balance then it can have quite an impact on how our body functions.

There are various different types of hormone, with each one having a different effect. Hormone imbalances can also be caused by various things from a poor diet to misfunctioning organs.

In the majority of cases, the problem is curable, or at least treatable. Below are 10 hormone imbalance symptoms to be aware of.

Symptom #1: Weight Gain

It can be very hard to maintain a healthy weight. Busy lifestyles can mean that there is little time for calorie-burning exercise, while our diets are often far from helpful. If you do live reasonably healthily, though, yet you are still putting on a lot of weight, it could be down to an imbalance of hormones.

Our bodies convert excess energy into fat, which is then stored in the body in case it is needed at a later point. This process is largely controlled by hormones so an imbalance can cause us to pile on the pounds. Our hormones will also influence our metabolism, which will also have an impact on our weight.

Hormone Imbalance

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