10 Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

By jolene
Aug 4, 2019
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Symptom #2: Vaginal Bleeding

In vaginal bleeding, blood can originate from any location of the female reproductive tract. It may be abnormal, and can be a symptom of cancer of the reproductive tract, fibroids, miscarriage, implantation bleeding, ectopic pregnancy, and more.

In an ectopic pregnancy vaginal bleeding is usually intermittent, scanty and dark colored (spotting). Some women can confuse it with an abnormal period, and may not realize they are pregnant if the spotting started around the time of their expected period. Vaginal bleeding is considered to be part of the classic triad of symptoms that can be present in ectopic pregnancy (amenorrhea, abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding). However, less than half of the patients present with all three of these symptoms. Vaginal bleeding can be seen in up to 40 to 50 percent of patients.

Ectopic Pregnancy

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