Collapsed Lung Symptoms

By albert
Jun 5, 2020
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Collapsed lung, also called pneumothorax, occurs when air fills the pleural space that surrounds the lungs. The condition can arise if the chest wall is injured, opened, or if any tear or rupture happens in the pulmonary tissue. When air gets into the pleural space, it causes disruption of the intrathoracic pressure, which is responsible for keeping the lungs inflated.

When air enters the pleural space, it increases pressure internally, which deflates the lungs, besides other complications including pressure on the heart. If the amount of air is small, the condition is called spontaneous pneumothorax, which can heal without treatment. However, if the amount of air is huge, the resultant condition can be life-threatening. Possible causes of collapsed lungs include pulmonary diseases, accidents, violent sports, atmospheric pressure changes when you climb a mountain or go diving, and breathing via a ventilator. Following are 10 collapsed lung symptoms.

1. Sudden Chest Pain

Sudden, acute chest pain is one of the most serious symptoms of ill health, and is usually associated with cardiac problems, heartburn, angina, and other chest problems. However, sudden chest pain is also the main symptom of collapsed lungs. Patients describe it as squeezing or crushing pain. When the pain is a result of pneumothorax, it is usually accompanied by other symptoms, in addition to an apparent cause of the collapse.

Collapsed Lung

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