Marburg Virus Symptoms

By james
May 18, 2020
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There are countless diseases in the world. Thankfully, we are well protected from most of them and of those that are common, most are unlikely to do us any real harm. However, that does not mean to say there are no diseases that are a very real threat to us.

The Marburg virus is a disease that belongs in the same family as the better-known Ebola disease. The symptoms of the two are similar and, in many cases, the condition is fatal. The disease is also very contagious and it is important that anybody working with patients uses all the protection that is available to them.

1. Fever

Many pathogens present a real danger to a patients life. Our bodies know this and will take immediate action as soon as it becomes apparent that an unwelcome intruder is present. Fortunately, we have evolved various methods to deal with such unwelcome guests. One way that our body deals with pathogens is to make the body a hostile environment for them. One way to achieve this is to create a fever, which increases the temperature of our bodies to levels that are unsuitable for pathogens. This will often kill the pathogen, or at the least help to slow its progress.

Marburg Virus

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