10 Hypochondriasis Symptoms

By james
Sep 9, 2020
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None of us like getting ill. It can be unpleasant, and even painful. In some cases, it can even present a very real threat to our lives. As such, it pays to be reasonably careful and we should see a doctor if we feel as though something is wrong. While some level of concern is healthy, however, it can get out of control for some people.

Many people have a tendency to try and play down the potential seriousness of a disease. The opposite can be said to be true for a lot of other people, however. Some people have a condition known as hypochondriasis in some cases, and it can be debilitating in some cases.

1. Hypochondriasis

Hypochondriasis is a condition that is also known as illness anxiety disorder. It causes the patient to experience extreme anxiety over perceived health issues. The symptoms that cause the concern are likely to be mild and harmless. In some cases, the patient may not have any physical symptoms whatsoever.

The condition can be distressing to the patient to the point where it has a serious impact on the quality of their life. The severity of the condition can fluctuate, and it is also likely to last for a long time. The condition is also likely to worsen as the patient gets older.


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