Why Do We Dream?

By jamie
Mar 9, 2020
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Dreaming is something that has fascinated us for as long as man has been on Earth. They are often sometimes so vivid that, in the past, some people have been convinced that they are more than just our minds being active as we sleep. Some people are convinced that dreams are portents of the future, or even a glimpse into other dimensions.

The truth is that it is likely to be something not quite so fanciful, but rather a process that helps our mind to process all the information it has taken in. With something so abstract, we might never be able to get to an objective answer to exactly what dreams are, but we do have some ideas of why we dream.

1. We All Dream

Some people seem to dream more than others. Some will dream every night, while others will barely dream at all. Or, at least, that is the way it seems to be. The reality is that we all dream, every night, and we all dream somewhere between 3-6 times every night. Each dream that we have will last for around 5-20 minutes. People that seem to dream more simply remember dreaming more than other people do. Indeed, around 95% of all dreams are forgotten shortly after we have woken up. In some instances, people may be able to remember certain parts of a dream for weeks or even months after the dream took place.


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